White Silence

White Silence
A beautifully executed piece

Hellos from the Calm or Harried Stone Sculptor, depending on the day!

How to get to 'show-time' without alienating your friends and family.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

No promises

I believed you could be active in a Studio tour and not alienate family...wrong!!!!  We all are feeling the pressure..

It has been a month...Wow!

I cannot believe I have been so tardy...wrong word...BUSY!!!!  While you have been wondering where I was...I re-proofed my  book, it really looked like a real book with a cover, etc.  The final proof comes in in a week; this has to be the last proof!!!! Anyhoo, the ISBN has been assigned, the copyright, and I LOVE IT!  It will be available on Amazon.com, .ca and .co.UK, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, etc.  The title is Witness Stones and Reflections. My first book of Poetry and Sculpture.  I have already begun a second book and plan a book of simply poetry.  My intent is to make the first book available during the studio tour.  Come and I shall sign your copy!!!!

My stones are almost completely polished; they still have to be mounted but my bases are great...kudos to my metal designer, Cairn Cunnane.
The backyard is looking wonderful, my 'dry' riverbed is smashing (with the prerequisite bridge), the plantings are superb!  I wish the Peony fairy would assure me my peonies will open on the 12th, the delphiniums would blow me away with their height and color and my hydrangea heads would droop in all their glory.  The garden awaits my stones...and you!
The pedestals have been welded with re-bar, with just the right amount of rust, the poems, my CV and the business cards are ready to be printed and laminated (in case of rain)...now the down side is the deck is going to be started only tomorrow, it will not be completed by 'showtime' but no worries it does look great.  Perhaps we bit off more than we could chew, but such is life!  I prefer to live large, aim higher, I cannot change.

A lot of the Tour brochures have gone out, but that is ongoing!

This week the National Capital Network of Sculptors appointed me to the executive (I joined the NCNS 3 months ago) and I was given a show as the Featured Artist for the month of November at the Patrick John Mills Gallery; great week thus far, non?  At the moment I have a work in the same gallery.
In September I am participating in a show at St. Brigid and in the Spring, the Museum of Nature.  I love the busi-ness of life. 

Hopefully, I shall be pardoned for not blogging as much as promised but I promise I am not lazing about on a beach somewhere...though the temperature here, with the humidex, was 41 degrees Celsius yesterday! 

I am looking forward to seeing all of you here on the 12th and 13th of June for the Orleans Studio Tour!  http://www.orleansstudiotour.org   I am studio number 8!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The process of letting go...

Any artist who finishes a work of art must take that final step...letting go!

I'll bet everyone reading this is amazed; didn't you conceive this work, give birth to it, because it was what you did to 'get the money'??? 

Only partly...an artist's work is also a passion, we want it admired, coveted and the initial reaction to a sale is 'great, fabulous, wow!'...then reality sets in...a part of your soul has been hawked, for money...and you'll never get it back!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving forward! Slow but with more certainty...

Thursday is the big day...I meet with the metal designer!!!! I spent last evening refining the designs on a few of my stones.  One changed totally; last-minute epiphany, wouldn't your know?  Anyhow I am anxious.  A base is part of the sculpture, not just an addition...it speaks to the whole, therefore, it is very important!  The base must be a solid support but must reflect the proportions of the sculpture. I verify over and again each sculpture, they must really work, or they are not sold.  Put out one bad work and it is yours forever and a day...a reminder and an eyesore.  I show what I am proud of and would love to keep.
My new, very heavy, alabaster piece is still awaiting a final hands on.  I deliberated and decided to wait on a hole I wanted to go through the work.  The stone and I shall commune a bit longer.  At the last-minute it seemed superflous...meaning nothing in the grand scheme of things; it is important to recognize these things.  When does something become over the top?
Tonight is the National Capital Network of Sculptors meeting.  The opening at the  John Patrick Mills Gallery is fast approaching...pictures have been sent...moving forward slowly, but, moving!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Loving that Feedback!

We artists thrive on feedback...we work alone and if the feedback is only at 'Showtime', though good for future endeavours, cannot correct a problem at the moment, such as, critiquing a work.  You work so hard physically and emotionally that, at times, you do not step away to fine tune a detail.  A mistake;  that is the difference between a succesful work and a mediocre work.  You need the same expertise in choosing a gallery.  Clientele differs from gallery to gallery.
This week a gallery did not take my work...to sort it in my mind, I called.  The feedback was very productive.  Though my work was of excellent quality, it was not right for their gallery's clientele.  I was then given another gallery's name and specifically told to mention her name. A few minutes on the phone and I had a wealth of information.
Today is editing information for 'The Book', day.  Arduous!  I should be working but it is 'my baby'!
The architectural metal designer, armed with my portfolio, is looking for someone to work with me on my new stones.  Sadly, he has retired but has contacts, all is not lost!
Tomorrow I shall be working on my piece of alabaster...she and I have had many conversations!  She has much to say and is as heavy as heck!  How to develop muscles????  I have to use a dolley that raises her up to bench level...no picking her up.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I just wanted to add these few words...for a Stone, of course!

Crystal Words

Melodious words
Like crystals
Sympathetic waters,


Stoned silences
Balanced on contours,
Anticipating voices.

Angela Verlaeckt Clark

Tonight, tonight, not just any night!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!
Wow! I have six new medium sized pieces, in total; apart from 3 smaller ones and some fingersize sculptures.  Tonight was a breakthrough with an alabaster piece I have been working on, #7...it needed just a tweek to make it perfect and this was the night!!!!  Fabulous was the feeling of the moment!  Oh! another bit of great news...my friend, Tony, the architect, gave me the name of an architectual metal designer...now can I afford him?  Here's hoping!  Sorry, money always seems to creep into the equation!  Seriously, I have to win the lottery...me and a thousand others...I know!  I saw some air finishing tools and am in love!  Lighter and geez, it would be nice!
My mentor, and three of my guy sculptor friends are going out for supper next week...that should be fun!  Amazingly enough we will talk art...our art problems...art...where we are headed...is this not the life?  I am soooo happy when I am working...life is good.  Today! 
Tomorrow will be whatever it is...tomorrow!
Must love ya and leave ya...it is late and tomorrow is...well, tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, I hope!

I look at the date I last blogged and am, totally, surprised a month has passed;  but then it is a learning curve, I now see how important it is to keep up to date. 
I lost my Dad and that took a lot out of me, but as someone said, he will be directing my hand from the other side.
I have worked very hard and produced two beautiful, medium size sculptures...no architectural designer, yet, for my bases, but, some leads.  An architect friend has a name.  I have found how to publish my book in time for the exhibit...life is looking up, non?
My air compressor tools are wonderful and make life more easy...blow me away actually!  They will not be used all the time but do make short work when skinning and roughing out the stone.  I seriously need anti-vibration gloves, my hands are numb after a few hours.  I love the rhythm of working by hand but need that extra umph when the going gets tough and some stones certainly present a challenge.
A slight aside regarding the air tools.  Hubby loves tools and took mine out to look at.  One dropped from his hand and chipped the porcelain tile in the kitchen.  It had to be replaced so my tools cost about $100. more taking that into account.  He felt terrible.
I will be in the John Patrick Mills Gallery May 13th to 29th and have recently applied to the Galerie d'art Courtemanche for their summer exhibit.  So apart from the Orleans Studio Tour, I am busy!!!!  The way I like life.
Every day the weather gets better and better; soon I can work outside and perhaps get some color.  Winter though seemingly shorter and milder this year, still, is long.  Whisk me back to the UK or even Washington; well perhaps not DC this year...did you see the snow 'we' never got while there...thankfully.
Sun means June is approching...I can't be late.  Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it's off to work we go!!!!  

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank Heavens it is a new week!

Ever think you wouldn’t get through a week?? There was sooo much paperwork this weekend I thought I would croak from exhaustion! You must consistently be plugging yourself and sending out pertinent information and pictures (that never seem to be quite right for ‘this particular’ occasion…so you spend an entire day getting the pictures or text ’just’ right)…and when does that leave you time to work? Your passion for your work is seriously down the tubes!

Friday I worked from 8:30 AM until 6:oo PM because I wanted to produce that elusive something in my head…of couse, my hands were cramped in a position around my tools for sooo long that even if I had wanted to work Saturday, that would have been counterproductive. Yes, I do know breaks are important but paperwork was calling. I am thrilled with what I produced, but, today as the paperwork comes to a close, am really, really moaning about it…this is my sounding board and it makes me feel so much better…thanks!